Terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of business for the hotel industry 2006 apply in Haus Diana.



In addition to these terms and conditions, the following rules apply:

  • From 22.00 to 7.00 o' clock the night's rest is valid. During this time, special consideration must be given to the flat mates and neighbours. TV and audio equipment must be set to room volume.
  • Rooms and holiday flats are subject to a general smoking ban. Smoking is only allowed on balconies and terraces.
  • The provider has the right of access to the holiday flats at any time, especially in case of imminent danger and to carry out necessary work in the apartments or balconies and terraces (ventilation, snow removal, watering of balcony flowers, etc.). The guest's interests worthy of protection must be appropriately taken into account when exercising the right of access.
  • In case of loss of one or more keys, the guest has to pay the supplier compensation for their new production and, if necessary, for the installation of new locks.